Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Welcome to Calvert City United Methodist Church! Since 1892, people have sought us out for inspiration, guidance, and service. For over 25 years, we have been located on the hill at Fifth Avenue and Oak Park Boulevard, worshiping in the splendor of stained glass, through the glory of momentous music, and by strong Biblical preaching! The ancient, trusted, and inspired Word of God continues to be incarnated here as a powerful, personal word from the Lord! Take a good look at us on the web and in person — listen closely for where God calls you to the adventure of holy living and faithful service! Disciples and those yearning to be disciples will find a lively place here with us!

What we believe/live by: 

  • -God’s complete, undeserved love for us — God’s grace

  • -The centrality of God’s grace in all human life

  • -The availability of God’s grace for everyone

  • -Salvation as personal and social; righteousness as imputed and imparted

  • -The authority of the Bible, tradition, reason and experience

  • -The essential unity of faith and works, of belief and faithfulness, and of salvation and holiness

  • -The power of personal and communal prayer

  • -The church as a community of Jesus followers who share in God’s mission of making disciples

  • -The necessity of growing in grace — our aim to be seasoned, mature, completed Christians

  • -A cooperative posture of ministry and mission in the world, often referred to as “connectionalism”

  • -The link between Christian doctrine and Christian living, between imputed and imparted righteousness

  • -Regular and repeated experiences of the means of grace —

  • worship

  • searching the scriptures

  • prayer and fasting

  • holy communion and

  • Christian conferencing

  • -Caring for God’s creation

United Methodists continue to heed the lessons John Wesley taught his followers: to live in love and in justice as servants of Christ by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, caring for the stranger, freeing the oppressed, being a compassionate presence, and working to develop social structures that are consistent with the gospel. 

Below is a list of our ministries here at Calvert City: 

Sunday School Calvert City has a long record of strong Sunday Schools, at times with more Sunday School membership than Church membership. These days Calvert City has six weekly adult Sunday School classes: 

1. Aldersgate Class — lecture format with discussion using International Lesson; Mike Harrell, teacher

2. Happy Hour Class — interactive style format using Bible and video; Daron Sills, teacher

3. New Life Class — conversational style using the Bible as the primary source, teachers: Neeta Hale, Bennie Deaton, and Dan Sills

4. Good News Class — discussion using International Lesson; Sandy Cobb and Norma Swaney, teachers

5. Young Adults Class — discussion using video; Michael Boone teacher

6. Don Hise Class — Bible study using lecture and discussion

7. Methodism 101 — occasional class refreshing folks on distinctive emphases of Methodism led by Pastor 

Children and youth classes include:

A nursery for children up to kindergarten age

An elementary class for students through 2nd grade

An upper elementary class for students through the 5th grade

A youth class for 6th grade through high school 

Worship — Worship at Calvert City is the central act of shared devotion and faithfulness for members and visitors alike. Worship uses a blend of traditional and contemporary styles and music. Each worship includes lively sharing, timely readings, special music, powerful hymns, thoughtful responses, and Biblical preaching. Worship attire in each service is informal and open—shorts and polo shirts can be found in either worship as well as ties and dresses.

  • First Light Worship at 9 a.m. utilizes live contemporary music;

  • At 11 a.m. a traditional/blended service offers organ and piano music with identical preaching and devotions.

Both Sunday morning worship services offer Holy Communion each first Sunday of the month and at other times during the year. 

Special Seasonal and Holiday Programs — Seasonal programs include:

Bethlehem Live—a night in Bethlehem
• Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion, 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.
• Lenten Studies
• Christmas and Easter Cantatas
• Prayer Retreats
• Musical Concerts

-Good Friday Service

-Easter Sunrise Service
• Ice Cream Social
• Cookouts
• Fish Fry

-Dayshore Bible School led by Lakeshore Camp

-Holiday Worship in the Park—Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day

-Wild Game Dinner 

Wednesday Night Programs — On Wednesday nights during the school year, a meal is prepared and served for $5, adults, $1 youth. Timely programs for children, youth, and adults follow the meal. Visitors and new members eat for free the first month! 

Children’s Program—Each Wednesday following the meal and throughout the summer, the children are instructed by the children’s leaders, Michael Boone and Denae Shelton using the Kid’s First curriculum.

Youth Program — Each Wednesday evening following the meal and throughout the summer, the youth group meets in the youth room on the 3rd floor under the leadership of Lindsay and Derek Smith. Youth are welcomed from outside the membership of the church.  Visitors are always welcomed. Programs are interactive and experiential — strong group identity is valued. 

Choir — Choir practice normally lasts from 7:00 p.m., just after the Wednesday evening meal program, until 8:00 p.m. The SATB choir offers special musical pieces in most worship services. Musical selections are varied and international. No tryouts are necessary; all are welcome to make a joyful noise! Jane Dyson directs our music ministry. 

United Methodist Women — The United Methodist Women are a strong mission arm of the United Methodist Church. The Calvert City United Methodist Women meet monthly during the Spring, Summer and Fall. The United Methodist Women programs include local missions, international missions, study programs, work missions, and national programs of interest.   

Days Away to Pray and Play — Monthly trips and game days are planned for retired members of the church with special emphasis on faith and fun and fellowship. Sheila Hehenberger organizes this group.

Food Pantry—Each third Monday the church welcomes Marshall County neighbors to a food pantry for families and individuals in need. The church works to ensure no neighbor is hungry!

Third Place Ministries—Each fourth Thursday our church takes its turn at the New-to You Shop in Benton. The New-to-You Shop is a cooperative effort of all 13 United Methodist Churches in the county to re-purpose clothes and furnishings and other household items through a thrift store.

Who Are We? It’s really not about us—it is all about God!

however, if you must know, Calvert City United Methodist Church:

-includes 265 members;

-averages 176 in worship each Sunday in two on-sight worship services and several satellite services, i.e., convalescent center, campgrounds, worship in the Park at holidays, sunrise service, etc.;

-deploys more than 25 musicians and vocalists throughout worship here;

-works hard to support local schools and civic organizations;

-supports mission work locally and throughout the region as well as across our nation and world.